Fusion and Traditional Rice Snacks in Honolulu

Located in downtown Honolulu, Ma’Ona Musubi is a Japanese deli specializing in both traditional and Hawaiian musubi variations. Delicious rice wrapped up in nori seaweed with your favorite fillings, musubi is a perfect choice for a quick lunch or take-away snack!
Ma'ona Musubi

Musubi Variations

Musubi combines rice and your choice of savory filling, all conveniently wrapped up in delicious and healthy nori. Our menu is dedicated to both Hawaiian and traditional Japanese musubi recipes. Our Ma’ona style musubi offerings include seafood varieties, classic spam combinations, and more. Our premium musubi options are made with with premium Tsuyahime rice and traditional Japanese ingredients such as pickled plum, kelp, and shoyu. Vegetarians and omnivores alike will find something tasty and satisfying from our musubi selection!

Catering Services

Have you got an event or gathering coming up? Musubi is an excellent choice for entertaining guests because it’s healthy, easy to eat, and satisfying! We’ll deliver to your party anywhere in downtown Honolulu. The minimum order amount is $50 for delivery. Call us today to find out more about our catering options! 
Ma'ona Musubi
Ma'ona Musubi

Order and pick-up

Order ahead and pick up your musubi at our deli! It’s a perfect option when you need a lunch or snack to take with you or if you’re on a tight schedule. Simply place your order with us an hour ahead of when you’d like to pick it up and we’ll have it ready to go when you get here. Always fresh, always convenient!
Order your take-away musubi ahead! (808) 536-8009
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