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Looking for a healthy, filling, and affordable lunch alternative? Ma’ona Musubi is the place to go! We have all kinds of musubi favorites, including spam, seafood, pork, beef, and vegetarian options. We also use traditional Japanese ingredients such as pickled plum, miso, and shiso leaves. Try all your favorites today!
Ma'ona Musubi



Salmon  - 2.08
Sauteed salmon flakes, hon-mirin sauce
Spicy Tuna - 1.68
Tuna, spicy sauce, pickled cucumber 
Tuna Mayo - 1.68
Tuna & mayo, pickled cucumber, red onion, cheese
Spicy Shrimp -  2.28
Sauteed shrimp, tobanjan sauce
Mayo Shrimp -  2.28
Sauteed shrimp, tobanjan sauce, mayo
Soboro Pork - 1.88
Sauteed ground pork, shoyu, oyster sauce 
Beef Curry - 2.08
Ground beef, sautéed vegetables, curry sauce 
Miso Kale - 1.88
Sauteed kale, red miso house sauce 
Ume Bonito - 1.88
Pickled plum, sautéed bonito flakes
Shiso - 1.48
Ground red shiso leaves 
Spam - 1.68
Simmered spam, shoyu sauce 
Spam Cheese - 1.88
Simmered spam and melted cheese
Spam Egg - 1.88
Simmered spam, grilled egg
Kayaku - 2.08
Shoyu seasoned rice, chicken, vegetables

Kombu - 2.68
Premium Tsuyahime rice, kelp, shoyu 
Nori Ume - 2.68
Premium Tsuyahime rice, pickled plum, seaweed, hon-mirin sauce
Bonito- 2.68
Premium Tsuyahime rice, bonito flakes, shoyu 

Ma'ona Sides and Soups

We import five different fish flakes from Japan to make our house broth for Miso Soup.
Combining all of these flakes, we create profound and broad flavor and taste.


Miso Salmon - 3.88
Juicy and savory. Salmon filet pickled in white miso and sake for 24 hours, then grilled in a steam oven.
Tomato Chicken - 2.48
Tender chicken thigh cooked with tomato sauce in a pressurized cooker 
Teriyaki Chicken - 2.68
Grilled chicken with housemade kaeshi sauce


Miso Soup - 1.88
Freshly made homestyle miso soup 
Ma'ona Musubi
Ma'ona Musubi

Premium rice

Tsuyahime Rice (by the bag)

Small - 3.88

Large - 16.88 
Premium Japanese rice imported from yamagata, Japan; milled locally every week !
Some items are limited in quantity. Please check with us before calling in a large order! (808) 536-8009
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